Hitachi Magic Wand Now In Australia. Dont Buy Overseas!

If you live in Australia or New Zealand and you're in the market to buy the Hitachi Magic Wand, don't buy it overseas!

Being Australia and New Zealand's import retailer of the USA's genuine Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable, you can now buy it in Australia from us.

Sadly the Magic Wand Original (corded version) can't be sold in Australia and New Zealand due to its 110 volt power incompatibility.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable on the other hand is compatible with Australian and New Zealand power. To comply with Australian and New Zealand electrical safety standards, our imported USA Hitachi Magic Wands have been tested and certified for Australian and New Zealand use. Our massagers also include a tested and certified 100~240v AU/NZ power plug charger in lieu of Hitachi's factory standard USA power plug charger.

Our genuine stock is held locally, so we're able to supply free and fast Australia wide delivery shipped from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We offer NZ delivery too!

A 12 month Australian and New Zealand warranty is also included when you buy from us.

If you've been tempted buying a Magic Wand Rechargeable from an overseas retailer that ships to Australia or New Zealand, you'd face the following problems:

  • You'll receive NO Australian and NZ warranty. If it breaks, you've lost your money! Magic Wands that are sold in America only have an American warranty.
  • A USA power plug charger (not certified for Australian use) will be included with the massager. You wont be able to plug the charger into a power socket to charge the massager without using a travel adapter.
  • Most USA retailers of the Magic Wand cannot ship it overseas, as they have a retail agreement with the distributor prohibiting them from doing so.
  • Shipments by air may be rejected by the carrier in accordance with dangerous cargo regulations due to rechargeable lithium batteries contained within the massager.
  • Paying $35-$50 shipping fee and waiting 20-30 days for delivery.
  • Paying around $30 GST and fees to Australian Customs (new law as of July 2018, all goods entering Australia must have GST added, regardless of value).
  • You'll be charged an international transaction fee on your credit card.
  • It's more expensive than buying from us!!


      Purchase price of the Magic Wand Rechargeable from a reputable USA retailer: RRP $USD139.95.

      • Cheapest shipping cost 20-30 days from USA to AUS: $USD34.00.
      • Sub total: $USD173.95 / currency conversion = $AUD244.68.
      • Australian Customs duty and GST: $AUD30.68.
      • International credit card transaction fee: $AUD5.00.
      • Total: $AUD280.36 (as of 15 December 2021, AUD to USD 0.71 cents).

      Buying the Hitachi Magic Wand from us gives you confidence and peace of mind that:

      • you're purchasing a genuine Hitachi product,
      • you're buying at a fantastic price,
      • you'll receive a 12 month Australian and NZ warranty,
      • our Magic Wands have been certified for AU and NZ use,
      • a certified 100~240v AU/NZ power charger is included,
      • you'll have your Magic Wand delivered to you in 1-3 days (our stock is locally held),
      • you'll experience great customer service from us.
      We've done all the hard work importing the genuine No.1 selling Hitachi Magic Wand to Australia for you to purchase, so you don't have to.

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