Princess Previews the Magic Wand Rechargeable

As seen at, September 17, 2018 (updated).

Magic Wand Rechargeable.

I’m a wand girl. I like clit vibrators and use them often, but nothing is quite the same as a wand massager. They were my first type of vibrator and still my most used today. I started off with the Wanachi Mini, and looking back on it, damn was it weak, but when I first got it I loved it to bits and used it to death (literally). Next I got the Fairy Wand, which I still hope to review sometime. Again it was clearly pretty weak, but still a huge upgrade from the Wanachi and for a good year or so it was named my Number 1 Favourite Toy. I use to switch between the two constantly, depending on whether I wanted to use the weak but cordless Wanachi, which was far easier to pull out quickly during spontaneous play sessions, or the Fairy Wand, which was more powerful but I had to plug in (which where I use to live was really, really annoying). I’m not one to make big purchases, but it was pretty clear I needed to invest in one of the big guns, a Doxy or Hitachi Magic Wand. I ended up going with the Magic Wand Rechargeable, letting it fix my two biggest issues, power and the ability to be cordless. It kind of felt like it would be too good to be true while I was waiting for it, but I’ve now had it since August last year, and I can 100% confirm its excellence! It is easily my most used sex toy ever, I think if it ever died I would be completely heart broken and need 20 boxes of ice cream to drown my sorrows, that is until my next one arrives.

The Magic Wand, formerly known as Hitachi, is the original massager vibrator. It is one of those brands that is so famous the product has become known by it, like Hoover with vacuums. When Cam Girls do wand massager shows, they are called Hitachi Shows, regardless of what actual wand vibrator they are using. The original Hitachi, now known as the Magic Wand Original, is still available to be bought if you want a little piece of history, but the new and improved Magic Wand Rechargeable brings some much needed changes to the table and somehow manages to improve upon a legend in the industry. Firstly, as in the name, it is rechargeable. If you have never had to use a corded massager before, you might not fully understand the importance of this, but let me tell you it makes a big difference. Another big change the Rechargeable boasts over its predecessor is that the head is now made out of a deliciously squishy silicone rather than a porous vinyl, making it finally safe to use without underwear on. Plus the Original only had two speeds, low and high, whereas the Rechargeable now has four speeds and four patterns!

The only downside to the Magic Wand is it is basically USA only. It sounds crazy, but a lot of stores downright refuse to ship this product outside of the United States. If you do manage to get your hands on it if you live elsewhere, unfortunately the 1 year warranty will become invalid. Because of this and its popularity there are a lot of counterfeit Magic Wand’s around, so make sure when buying to only go through trusted retailers, never eBay or Amazon. This also means that it only comes with a US plug, so you’ll need an adaptor to be able to charge it. I’ll list my recommended retailers for all countries below as always, but if this all sounds a bit too much, I’d recommend getting a Doxy Massager instead, which is very similar and readily available in Europe, North America and Australia.

EDIT (17-9-18): If you’re in Australia or New Zealand, you may now be in luck! This store is an offical Australian retailer of the wand, and if you buy it through them it comes with a 12 month warranty and free delivery! Nice.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable is certainly a beast of a thing. It barely fits in my toy drawer and feels like I’m holding some sort of industrial tool. It weights 600g / 1.3lb, is 33 cm / 13 inches long and its head has a diameter of 6 cm / 2.4 inches. In my hand though it just feels right, like if I was a magical girl or in a zombie apocalypse it would be my weapon of choice that I would do all the cool poses with. The body is a nice silky plastic which has the name of the toy on the front and on the back are some of the toys details on a neat little label. The head is made from a buttery smooth silicone that thankfully doesn’t pick up lint. The only downside to its appearance is the head has a seam, but it is not noticeable at all in use.

The massager has four vibration speeds and four patterns for use. The top circle button turns it on (it’ll start on the first speed with no pattern) and then you can choose to either cycle through the four vibration speeds or four patterns. I love the two button system. I hate patterns, so the fact I never have to use them is perfect for me. I also love that the on/off button is a different shape from the other two, since I often turn vibrators on and off to edge during masturbation and I also often use them under sheets, so being able to feel what I’m touching without looking is a huge plus. During use the speeds will light up blue and the patterns will light up green below the buttons, with the number of lights depending on what level you are on (for instance if you are using the third pattern then there will be three green lights on below the buttons). This makes it easy and obvious to know exactly what settings you are using at any current time, and makes remembering what you like most easier since it is visual. When it is low on battery the light will flash red, when it is charging it will be a constant red, and then when fully charged it’ll be green. One of the only downsides to the Magic Wand is that it is rather loud, on its lowest speed I think you could probably get away with it staying silent under a blanket and behind closed doors, but any more than that and I think you’d be risking it.

One of my favourite things about the Magic Wand Rechargeable is that if it does die on you, in all its cordless beauty, you can plug in its 2 meter charging cord and keep using it as a corded vibrator. This is an absolute life-saver when I need a vibrator and all my favourites are dead and need some time before they are usable again. The only problem with this is that it doesn’t die enough! I have had this vibrator since August last year, use it all the time, and I think it has died on me three times. Sometimes I plug it in just for the novelty of it.

I think it should go without saying that the Magic Wand’s vibrations are stronger than any other toy I own. When I first got it I would only use the very first setting, everything else was too strong for me. Now I use the first setting to get ready before moving up to the second one, and after doing that for awhile I think I would struggle to just use the first setting now. I suppose eventually I might make my way up to using the fourth setting, and it is nice having the option for even more power, but for now I’m perfectly content as is. I don’t really believe in the idea that using a wand massager makes your clitoris less sensitive though, I can still easily get off with my hand and less powerful vibrators, but I do think that by using toys like this you can allow your clit to get use to dealing with stronger vibrations, and who doesn’t want that! What I love most about my Magic Wand is that I can press the whole silicone head over my clit and envelope my whole vulva in pleasure. Even though it is only my clit that is actually going to get me off, I really adore these big broad vibrations that I can just totally relax into rather than the pin point vibrations of something like the We-Vibe Tango which only focuses on my clit and nothing else. The biggest issue for the actual use of the Magic Wand, although this goes for basically all wand massages and so isn’t a huge deal, is that it is too big for use during most PIV positions and a bit too cumbersome for use with dildos. It is however, awesome for foreplay with my partner, since the size of the head means basically anywhere he puts it on my vulva turns me on, plus it feels great on my nipples and just about anywhere else too!

I love all my toys, particularly my vibrators, and I use all of them in turn. But it is the Magic Wand I go to for guaranteed orgasms, and it is very common that I will start off with other vibrators before reaching for my Magic Wand to finish me off, not because the other vibrators can’t bring me to orgasm, but because I know I will have a more satisfying one with the Magic Wand. I can have orgasm after orgasm with it, even when I’m not super aroused, which sounds odd but is awesome during cum shows when I am camming. Even if I’m not planning on cumming, just using it over my vulva feels really good in a sensual way, plus it is perfect for actual massages.

I usually use my Magic Wand over my underwear or pyjama bottoms (since the vibrations easily transfer through) to avoid the head getting all dirty, but if it does then I just give it a quick wipe down with some toy cleaner and a damp cloth. The Magic Wand isn’t at all waterproof, so be careful to avoid getting water anywhere other than its head. It doesn’t really need any special storage and since it doesn’t pick up lint I just leave it wherever (particularly the other side of the bed when my partners away).

My Magic Wand is my partner in crime. It is my desert island sex toy. Because of its size I doubt I’d want to take it on a plane with me, so if I ever go on a holiday i’ll be more wand-sick than home-sick. I am open to trying other wand vibrators and would be eager to see how others compare, plus I would love to support one more Australian friendly (aka a Doxy *hint hint*), but for now this is about as good as it gets for me. I think just about anyone would love a vibrator like this, experienced in the world of sex toys or not, and if you choose this as your first wand toy, then you are one lucky person!

If I could only have one sex toy this would be it. Score: 91% amazing.

Review by Grace.

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