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Vibration Modes. How Many Is Enough?

If you're currently trawling the market for a wand massager vibrator, the amount of options available can make the buying process quite challenging. If you've been shopping around, no doubt you've noticed massage wands that offer a variety of vibration patterns or modes as well as the usual vibration speeds. Vibration patterns are a fantastic added bonus compared to a standard massager that only offers low, medium, and high vibration speeds. With a variety of vibration patterns to choose from, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy a more varied and enjoyable body massage. Vibration modes also give you the...

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Buying from overseas? Think twice

We've had many questions over the years from customers asking us where they can buy the Hitachi Magic Wand. Unfortunately for Australians, the Magic Wand Original and Magic Wand Rechargeable massagers by Hitachi are only available for purchase and use within the USA. Although you may come across some Australian retailers selling genuine USA Hitachi massagers, they're doing so ilegally. At this stage, Hitachi and its distributor Vibratex do not authorize the sale of their massagers to Australia or New Zealand. This is against their terms of sale. If you were to shop online from an overseas retailer, they're restricted...

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Firm Yet Flexible

One of the features you'll love about the Wand Original and Wand Rechargeable massager, is they both have firm yet flexible necks. Not too firm, and not too flexible. They're just right! Depending on what part of the body you're massaging, you may require a deeper massage where more pressure is needed. Delicate parts of the body may only need a light touch. With our massage wands, their flexible necks and massage head will contour to any part of your body comfortably. "Our massagers have a perfect balance of firmness and flexibility..." The Wand Original and Wand Rechargeable massagers both...

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