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Image stating "Purchase with confidence. We are the only Magic Wand Massager retailer that imports the genuine product from the USA, and has commissioned safety testing and certification to comply with AU/NZ government electrical safety laws for legal sale and safe use, and includes an AU/NZ certified power charger. You will see the regulatory compliance mark on both the massager and charger. Only available from".

Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable

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Genuine Hitachi product held locally.
Certified AU/NZ power charger included.
1 year replacement warranty.
Fast, discreet plain parcel delivery.
Awarded by Time, XBIZ, StorErotica.

We've made it possible to purchase the USA's No.1 selling Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable massager right here in Australia!
The Hitachi Magic Wand is legendary and iconic for good reason. It’s like no other personal massager you’ll experience, offering powerful and penetrating vibrations, guaranteed to give explosive pleasure and spa like massages.

*If you're looking for the mains powered Hitachi Magic Wand 110 volt 2-speed corded massager, the original model that started it all (now branded the Magic Wand Original), please visit the American website.

Shop with confidence...
Our locally held stock of authentic Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable massagers are imported into Australia by us, supplied direct from the official USA distributor. For your peace of mind, safety and convenience, our Hitachi Magic Wands include an AU/NZ power charger in lieu of the factory standard American power charger. With rigorous product testing commissioned by us, and gaining official certification, both the Magic Wand and included power charger are in compliance with mandatory Australian and New Zealand electrical safety standards. We're proud to be the only official retailer to legally sell and make available the genuine Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable to Australia and New Zealand.

The cordless Hitachi Magic Wand
features an ergonomic comfortable hold design, quiet operation, four deep and powerful vibration speeds from low to high, and five tantalizing vibration modes. With three hours of use on one charge, its long lasting power will keep you or a partner pleasured to no end. The multi-award winning Magic Wand Rechargeable is the must have personal massager for every bedside drawer.

As soon as you hold the Magic Wand, you'll know it's a quality product.
Celebrating 54 years in 2022, Hitachi have been manufacturing the Magic Wand to perfection since 1968. Their reputation of using high end components and producing a personal massager designed to last for years to come is still true today. The Magic Wand Rechargeable can confidently claim to be the highest quality, safest personal massager in the world.

After rigorous testing by Intertek, it surpasses Australian, New Zealand, American and Canadian quality and safety standards. It's a great investment for years to come supplying you personal pleasure, relaxation, and therapy.

Use cordless or corded with its plug-and-play feature.
If you prefer to operate the Magic Wand Rechargeable on mains power instead of being cordless, its exclusive plug-and-play feature will do just that. It's the only massager on the market that offers this feature, and comes in handy if the battery has run flat and you want immediate pleasure.

Until you own a Magic Wand, you'll never experience true pleasure.
The continued success of the Magic Wand Rechargeable is not only because it's equally or more powerful than its competitors, it's the only massager on the market designed with tuned frequency vibrations, guaranteed to supply deep, penetrating, and intense all-over-body pleasure.

For enhanced massage pleasure when using the Magic Wand Rechargeable, we at recommend the use of moisture lotion, a massage oil, or a water based personal lubricant.

Silicone based products are not recommended for use with the Magic Wand Rechargeable, as they may deteriorate the finish of the silicone massage head.

A true therapeutic massager.
Through stringent testing and quality control, the FDA in America has certified the Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable as an approved therapeutic medical massage device.

The clever designers at Hitachi have perfected the Magic Wands vibrations to be at the correct hertz (Hz) and 'frequency' so they resonate deep, offering penetrating pain relief and relaxation.

The Magic Wand can assist in relieving muscle pain from exercise or injury, joint pain from arthritis, swelling or limited blood flow due to medical conditions or injury. By stimulating blood flow, muscle and skin tissue, the Magic Wand can also help improve injury recovery times.

*If you suffer medical conditions, it's recommended to consult a health professional in regards to the benefits or disadvantages of using a vibrating body massager.

For more information including technical specs, visit our FAQs page.

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26 Jun 2022
Violet W.
Tecoma, Victoria Tecoma, Victoria
I recommend this product


I ordered my Magic Wand while I had covid, and had to wait several weeks before I was well enough to use it - After much anticipation the Magic Wand did not disapoint! It exceeded all expectations and took me to another dimension. If you are thinking about buying this, do yourself a favour and just do it. Its worth every cent!

25 Jun 2022
Melissa H.
New Zealand New Zealand
I recommend this product

Next level WOW

I was told about the wand and told its pretty grunty and id enjoy it i thought if im gunna get one im getting the real one not a rip off brand so when i unboxed it i was a bit scared at first of its size especailly the attatchment size lol... but i got past that and man was it grunt it took me to another level off pleasure im very very pleased with it no regrets at all thanks to the person who reccomended it to me they no there stuff lol.. so anyone thats humming and harring i so get one it will blow your mind such fun thanks

20 Jun 2022
Kirsty P.
Warriewood, New South Wales Warriewood, New South Wales
I recommend this product

Hitachi Magic Wand

Well it’s big, it’s bold, loud and doesn’t disappoint! There’s nothing discreet about it but neither will your climax be! This is sure too please and the quality is great. Would definitely buy it again and recommend it, however if this is your first wand it might be a bit too much.

18 Jun 2022
Ben S.
Goulburn, New South Wales Goulburn, New South Wales
I recommend this product

Total Relaxation at it's best

Working at a desk, my wife always has stiff shoulders and neck. This also leads to headaches for her. I also have tight muscles in the shoulders and neck so after reading reviews on the magic wand, the decision to give it a go was a no brainer. It arrived in plain packaging quickly after ordering. The wife wasn't home so after a quick charge, I tried it on my shoulders. Wow! Never has my movement felt so much better after a short period of time. I couldn't wait to try this on my wife. My wife arrived home and went for a hot shower. Before she could dress I got her to lay on her stomach. I used the magic wand on her shoulders. To say she was pleased was an understatement! I massaged her shoulders, back, buttocks and legs before asking her to turn over. As I massaged her front and went lower with the magic wand, I watched her face as she started to bite her lip. Her breathing increased and I increased the speed. I put the magic wand on full power to which my wife yelled 'holy sh#t! My wife's toes curled, her back arched as her face made that beautiful look as her body exploded in pleasure. Testing the magic wand further, in a short space of time my wife's body shuddered in pleasure two more times. Each time more powerful than the first! To say that we both enjoy the magic wand is an understatement. I do wonder if the attachments will heighten the experience further. As a massager it is totally relaxing. Dare to go 'down under' and you'll get the full experience of this amazing product. It truly is magic!!

08 Jun 2022
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

The search ends here!

After spending multiple hours researching this product before purchasing and then once received (apprehensive due to the amount of fakes) I'm at ease now knowing this is truly an authentic and amazing vibrator and hope this review helps others like minded to rest assured you won't be disappointed in purchasing from this website. The service was amazing, delivery was incredibly quick purchased on a Sunday, shipped on the Monday received on the Tuesday in Tasmania! The Magic wand rechargeable is exactly as described and my partner was impatiently waiting the 3 hours of charging time (overly excited) and didn't waste a second afterwards to put it through a few rounds. It out performed and achieved well above any other vibrator we've tried so far! (Owned a lelo smart wand 3, doxy diecast) so thank you for bringing this product to Australia and staying true to your words! Hope you all enjoy and end your search here.

07 Jun 2022
Alexander W.
Caulfield, Victoria Caulfield, Victoria
I recommend this product

Ultimate Wingman

With 2 young kids, energy levels are usually down at the end of the day. We need a quick and easy solution to release the “tension” of the day and help us get in the mood with minimal effort. Hitachi comes and saves the day. A must have for all busy parents, the helping “hand” we all need. Also great for the knots from carrying kids all day

22 May 2022
Bradley e.
Sandgate, Queensland Sandgate, Queensland
I recommend this product

Very happy customers

Just bought the magic wand and it is fantastic; robust and well built, it massages deeply into sore and tired muscles. Great for a full body massage or for those specific areas needing attention. Battery lasts several sessions and much longer than anything we have had in the past. We highly recommend.

20 May 2022
Patricia R.
Mowbray, Tasmania Mowbray, Tasmania
I recommend this product

Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable

The product is very good, I have tried a lot of wands over my time & none have hit the spot continuously as this does, the quality of the buttons is excellent & the battery lasts a long time. The service & response I got by E-mail about the product before I purchased it was excellent as well. Would highly recommend the Magic Wand Rechargeable to others.

16 May 2022
Katrina F.
Fitzroy, Victoria Fitzroy, Victoria
I recommend this product

Even better than before!

Previous model was mains-powered and required plugging in. This model is chargeable AND can be used while plugged in. Greater range of speed / programme combinations too. It's a winner!

16 May 2022
Josnne S.
Lismore, New South Wales Lismore, New South Wales
I recommend this product

Hitachi Magic Wand

I cant put in words how fantastic this item works, it has variable speeds and is very reliable. Battery charges well, it has a 10/10 result for the purchase reason.

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