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Magic Wand Massager AU Version

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AU Version I.

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The Magic Wand Massager AU Version gives you the pleasure to relax, enhance and relieve your entire body with its dual speed vibrations focused through its flexible massage head. Based on the USA released Hitachi Magic Wand, which is still the No.1 selling style of handheld massager on the market, the Magic Wand Massager AU Version is a high intensity, incredibly powerful and versatile therapeutic "full body" massager.

The Magic Wand Massager is mains powered, leaving battery operated and rechargeable similar style body massagers for dead in regards to constant power output.
It's able to deliver intense, reliable, and powerful all over body massage pleasure with its two resonating speeds of deep vibration.

Whether you're in need of massaging a targeted area of your body, or seeking an all over body massage, the efficiently designed flexible round massage head of the unit provides you with the pleasure and useability to do both.

The ergonomically designed style of the massager is comfortable to hold, allowing continuous use without creating discomfort in you hands. This is an ideal design feature, especially appreciated by people with arthritic pain or sore joints in the hands.

With a 32cm length, the massager can perform its duties by easily reaching any part of your body requiring stimulation, pain relief or relaxation. Put the handheld massager to use on your entire back area, feet, lower legs, neck, head, and every other part of your body imaginable.

A Massager That's Recommended For General Relaxation Use:
The Magic Wand Massager AU Version is your perfect partner when it comes to blissful all over body relaxation! Utilise its deep massage offerings, and simply enjoy the massagers amazing vibrations on any part of your body. You'll be able to invigorate your entire body while stimulating blood flow and ridding any tension you may have.

This Massager Means Business When It Comes To Intense Pleasure:
The Magic Wand is sure to become your new best friend in the bedroom when it comes to erogenous zone stimulation for you and your partner. Due to the fact that the massager can be used in conjunction with your favourite massage oil and water-based personal lubricant, intimate pleasure is sure to reach new levels of mind blowing ecstasy. For ease of cleaning, the Magic Wands massage head cap can easily be removed.

The Magic Wand Is A True Therapeutic Massager:
The health, well being and quality of life improvements this massager provides is justified by it still being the best selling style of body massager on the market, and has been for over 30 years!

Functioning as a deep tissue massager, if you experience:
Muscle pain from strenuous exercise or injury,
Joint pain from arthritis,
Swelling or limited blood flow due to medical conditions or injury,
Migraines or headaches...
the massager will offer instant relief by stimulating blood flow, muscle and skin tissue, as well as numbing a particular area of the body if the massager is held in the one spot continuously for a short period of time. With its deep vibrations, minimizing pain or discomfort to any targeted area of your body can be accomplished.

*If you experience or suffer from any medical conditions, it's always recommended to consult a health professional in regards to the benefits or disadvantages of using a vibrating body massager.

The Magic Wand Massager AU Version is a handheld massager that will truly blow your socks off. The intense, adjustable vibrations will resonate throughout the targeted massage area of your body!

Note To Buyers: The USA released Magic Wand Original Massager manufactured by Hitachi cannot be purchased or used in Australia or New Zealand due to the manufacturer and distributor terms of sale, and their 110 volt power and plug incompatibility. Manufacturer warranties also become void if used outside the USA.

To avoid this problem, purchasing the Magic Wand Massager AU Version from us ensures that you are buying the Australian and New Zealand designed massager based on the original USA released Hitachi Magic Wand. Our massagers are not produced by Hitachi, and have been manufactured exclusively by us for Australian 240 volt power outlet use, as well as including a 12 month Australian warranty.

Technical specifications.
Product type: handheld massager.
Power: 240 volt mains powered (Australian / NZ power plug).
Power cord length: 1.8 metres.
Overall length: 32cm.
Massage head height: 6cm.
Massage head width: 5.5cm.
Massage head circumference: 19cm.
Weight: 0.400 kg.
Switch and speed settings : off / low - 4500 rpm / high - 7000 rpm.
Material (massager body / internal massage head): ABS.
Material (removeable massage head): high quality food-grade silicone / hypo-allergenic / latex free / phthalates free / skin safe).
Noise level: noticeable, moderate.
Recommended use: 20 minutes continuous to avoid unnecessary motor wear.
Country of origin: PRC.

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