Hitachi Magic Wand Warranty Information

The Magic Wand Rechargeable includes a 12 month Australian and New Zealand warranty.

12 month product warranty logo

Because our products are distributed in Australia and New Zealand by us, all warranty claims are settled locally. Your 12 month warranty begins at the time your order is shipped. Our warranty covers defects that may occur to your massager due to faulty manufacturing. Our warranty does not cover damage or faults that occur due to improper use, or cosmetic wear and tear.

If the massager is found to have a manufacturers defect within 12 months of the purchase shipping date, we will repair or replace your product.

Massager attachments warranty.
These items are aftermarket accessories and include a generous 30 day Australian and New Zealand replacement warranty (starting at the time of the purchase shipping date) against manufacturing defects.

Warranty claim procedures.

1. Complete our online warranty form.

2. After we have evaluated your warranty form and responded to your request, if instructed by us, post your faulty item/s to the supplied address. Include a printed copy of your purchase receipt stating 'warranty return'.

*Your purchase receipt is available with your order confirmation email, or you can get us to email you one.

*Returns must be shipped to us within the warranty period.

3. After we have received your returned items, they will be inspected, repaired or replaced, and shipped back to you at our cost.

Please note:
Products found to be non-faulty or faulty due to incorrect use will be returned to the customer at their expense.

If you have any questions regarding our warranty, please contact us.

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