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Wand Rechargeable Massager

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*This item does not ship to New Zealand.

AU Version.

The Wand Rechargeable is a cordless full sized premium handheld therapeutic all over body massager, boasting 4 ultra satisfying speeds of vibration with a super powerful high setting, and 4 variable vibration patterns.

The Wand Rechargeable features a multi mode, variable speed motor powered by a built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. This No.1 selling style of cordless wand massager sets the standards as a premium, full body massager and vibrator.

With its convenient USB charging cable, you wont need to worry about full sized wall socket chargers anymore. To charge the massager, just plug the USB power cable into any powered USB port, whether it be a USB power socket charger for your iPhone, iPad, tablet, smartphone, PC, etc.

Whether you're seeking a relaxing all over body massage for tired or aching joints and muscles, or enjoy spicing things up in the bedroom, you'll definitely receive the comfort and pleasure you deserve.

With the press of a button, choose between four speeds of vibration as well as four vibration patterns, while enjoying the flexibility and freedom of no power cords that this rechargeable massager offers. The massagers built in blue light bar will indicate which vibration speed and vibration pattern it is set to.

The high quality skin safe silicone massage head offers a gorgeous feel against the skin. When paired with a skin moisturizer such as vitamin e cream, you'll be rewarded with an exquisite all over body massage. To achieve an orgasmic sensitive area massage, consider applying water based personal lubricant to the area.

Four vibration speeds from low to high as well as four tantalizing vibration patterns.
A soft, phthalates free silicone massage head cap.
Flexible massage head and neck.
A USB charger cable is included for charging the massager from any USB power plug or port.
20 minute fast charge, so you can enjoy an all over body massage almost immediately.
Enjoy 3 hours of use on one charge.
The built in lithium battery pack can be charged thousands of times over with no memory effect.

The Wand Rechargeable Massager is extremely versatile, ideal for:
blissful all over body relaxation, orgasmic erogenous zone stimulation, as well as quelling body aches, pinched nerves, sore muscles, pains, and injuries.

The first thing you'll notice about the massager is its ergonomic design. The 33.5 cm long handle supplies an extremely comfortable hold in the users hand, allowing the massager to be easily maneuvered to difficult to reach areas of the body, such as between the shoulder blades and calf muscles.

For a superior massage, we recommend applying a soothing body lotion to the skin such as skin moisturizer or vitamin e cream. This allows the high quality silicone massage head to glide comfortably over the area of the body being massaged while nourishing the skin. You'll also stimulate blood flow to the area while decreasing any tension you're experiencing.

A massager that's ideal for intense pleasure in the bedroom.
If you're in the mood to spice things up in the bedroom, the Wand Rechargeable Massager is guaranteed to give you or your partner intense satisfaction that you wont forget. With its 4 enjoyable vibration patterns as well as 4 vibration speed settings, you'll be able to vary your erogenous zone pleasure depending on your mood. Designed for maximum pleasure, you'll have the choice to experience a soft, slow and gentle build up to eruption using the massagers gentle speed and vibration settings. Amping up the pleasure in the bedroom using the massagers super powerful speeds, you'll be left breathless after experiencing thrusting, beautiful, powerful orgasms. For women seeking to increase their pleasure, water based personal lubricant can also be applied to the more sensitive areas.

A true therapeutic massager.
The health, well being and quality of life improvements the cordless Wand Massager provides is proven by it still being the best selling designed style of body massager on the market!

Functioning as a deep tissue massager, if you experience:
muscle pain from strenuous exercise or injury, joint pain from arthritis, swelling or limited blood flow due to medical conditions or injury, migraines or headaches...
the massager will offer immediate relief by stimulating blood flow, muscle and skin tissue, as well as numbing a particular area of the body if the massager is held in the one spot continuously for a short period of time. With its deep vibrations, minimizing pain or discomfort to any targeted area of your body can be accomplished.

*If you experience or suffer from any medical conditions, it's always recommended to consult a health professional in regards to the benefits or disadvantages of using a vibrating body massager.

Note to buyers: The USA released Magic Wand Rechargeable Massager manufactured by Hitachi cannot be purchased or used in Australia or New Zealand due to the manufacturer and distributor terms of sale, and their 110 volt power charger and plug incompatibility. Manufacturer warranties also become void if used outside the USA.

To avoid this problem, purchasing the Wand Rechargeable Massager from us ensures that you are buying the Australian and New Zealand designed massager based on the original USA released Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable. Our massagers are not produced by Hitachi, and have been manufactured exclusively by us for Australian 240 volt USB power outlet use, as well as including a 12 month Australian warranty.

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